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South America — The Nazi Safe Haven.

Photo Credits: Twitter

After the end of World War 2, one thing was very apparent: the Nazis had to pay for the war crimes that they had committed. The crackdown on the Axis powers and their war crimes through mass trials would eventually come to be known as the Nuremberg Trials. Germans who had committed mass human rights violations and subjected millions of Jews and other minorities to the worst form of oppression were now being held accountable. Most of them were given the death sentence or life imprisonment. …

Mother Teresa, A Saint or a Fraud?

Photo Credits: Swarajya

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, or Mother Teresa as she is now known throughout the world, was one of the most important Catholic Church figures when she was alive and even posthumously. Someone who Christians and everyone alike admired, she is best known for her work in uplifting poverty and helping the marginalized in the poorest regions of Calcutta, India. Her trophy cabinet is filled with multiple awards that ranged from the Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize to the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, cementing her legacy as someone who worked solely for the welfare of those suffering.

Even today, if her name…

The Sonderkommandos — Gone but Never Forgotten.

Photo Credits: Times of Israel

World War II is considered by far as the incident that single-handedly changed how modern history was going to unfold after its end in 1945. From the advancements in aerial war machines to the creation of the deadliest weapon in humanity’s history, the atomic bomb, there was one thing that was certain in this great war: despair and destruction.

Perhaps the saddest part about it was the mass genocide of the Jews committed by the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler. …

The fascinating rise and fall of Marguerite Alibert aka Princess Fahmy, a versatile woman who got away with murder

Source: Cosmopolitan

Born on December 9th, 1890, Marguerite Marie Alibert was the eldest daughter of a poor Parisian couple. Since both her parents worked for the elites in Paris, Marguerite grew up with the inclinations of a high-class Parisian lady. With beauty parallel to an Earls’ wife, Marguerite Marie Alibert was becoming a gorgeous, intelligent, and sophisticated woman with a bright future until tragic events unfolded.

At the age of fifteen, Marguerite was held responsible by her parents for her four-year-old little brother’s fatal accident. As punishment, her parents sent her to board with the nearby Sisters of Mary. There, the teenage…

These details behind the genius of one of the biggest prison breaks in history will leave you shocked.

Photo Credits: 8News

The concept of prisons is often subject to a lot of criticism in the modern world. Intellectuals argue about the benefits of incarceration and believe that merely locking away criminals in a box is not a viable solution, since prisons do not reform a person.

The conditions in most prisons are so bad that after being physically and mentally tortured by guards and other inmates, prisoners become psychologically unhinged and are either too broken to rejoin normal society or become even more determined to continue their criminal path when they leave jail.

It is not every day that death row…

Learn about the American woman’s journey to economic empowerment.

Photo Credits: Unwritten

During the Second World War, Rosie the Riveter became a cultural symbol for the war effort through her iconic poster. The poster featured the fictional character of Rosie flexing the muscles on her arm and urging the women of America to participate in the war effort by proclaiming,

“We Can Do It!”

This iconic poster was created to incentivize the recruitment of female workers for defense industries. …

These details about the life of Colonel Sanders will leave anyone shocked.

Photo Credits: History

Fame is a disease, and all of the great stars and actors we know, are a victim of it. Most of them try to align themselves to their public image, and in doing so, they begin to lose the essence of what they were.

This is the story of a man who revolutionized the fast-food industry and was drowned in his success. It is the story of a man who got what he wanted after a lifetime of struggle, and yet, everyone forgot who he really was.

The only thing the world really knows him for is his face on…

Myrtle Corbin was called a monster by some but her life was a story of kindness and warmth.

Photo Credits:

The mysteries of mother nature are impossible to understand. It gifts and curses according to its own whims and desires, and puny humans have no say in its matters.

We are thrown, at random, into a body at birth, that we have to live out our days in. It is neither fair nor justifiable that one person is born with a perfect genetic composition into a rich family, while someone else is born with multiple hereditary diseases into a poor family. That, however, is life, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

We only need to look…

Will humans cease to exist in a hundred quintillion years? What will the Earth look like?

Photo Credits: Max Pixel

Scientific progress has seen the rise of futurologists, individuals that invest time and resources into researching the future of humanity. Most of these scientists are focused on the more immediate future, taking into account, things like technological trends and climate change models.

Some, however, have endeavored to research the state of the universe, millions of years into the future. These scientists even go so far as predicting what the world we inhabit may look like a hundred quintillion years later. Will humanity persist, or will we succumb to an inevitable extinction? …

The barbaric murder of Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind.

Savanna Greywind | Photo Credits:

It was the summer of 2017 when two kayakers discovered a body on the Red River of the North along the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. The body was tied up to a wood log and covered in plastic wrap; it was a disturbing sight.

As the Kayakers approached the body, they saw the heart-wrenching of the lifeless body of a woman wrapped in plastic and duct tape. Authorities reached the scene, and within an hour, the body was identified as Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, a woman who had gone missing a few weeks earlier.

A Harmless Girl Leading a Pleasant Life

Savanna was born on August 9…

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