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The chilling story of Albert Fish, the Werewolf of Wysteria.

Albert Fish | Photo Credits: Caso Criminal

Albert Fish, also known as the Werewolf of Wysteria, the Gray Man, the Brooklyn Vampire, and the Moon Maniac, is one of America’s most prolific serial killers. He gained notoriety not only for killing children but for eating them as well, which is what earned him his place in American…

83 percent of Americans strongly opposed their admission into the country.

Photo by Austrian National Library on Unsplash

The Nazi Party’s Rise to Power and Ideologies Drive Out the Jews

When the Nazi Party rose to power under Adolf Hitler, their ideologies of national and racial superiority spread through Germany and established their control over the country in the 1930s. Their policies and laws actively sought to stigmatize and persecute groups of individuals who were considered to be ‘outsiders’ and…

The chilling story of the notorious Shankill Butchers gang.

Image Source: Reddit

The Shankill Butchers were a group of UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) members who were connected to several loyalist terrorist acts in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during the 1970s. The gang may have killed more than 30 people and was also believed to have been connected to a number of sectarian attacks…

Will Britain ever get rid of these outdated laws?

Photo Credits: NBC

The English legal system has seen a lot of evolution over the years as the British have modernized. But in a lot of instances, old laws and principles have survived and coexist today with extremely different and new circumstances. These rules are undoubtedly funny and strange. Yet, they continue to…

Some of these are disturbing and some are just unusual for today’s world.

Photo Credits: The Great Courses Daily

The Middle Ages refer to the period in European history that extended from around 500 to 1400–1500 C.E. The term was coined by 15th-century scholars who wanted to differentiate between their own time and the decline of the Western Roman Empire.

Today, historians look back on the Middle Ages as…

How life on Earth persisted and blossomed after an asteroid wiped out almost all life on it?

Photo Credits: Live Science

The 180-million-year-long reign of the dinosaurs abruptly came to an end 66 million years ago when a large asteroid crashed into Earth. According to Nobel Prize-winning physicist Luis Walter Alvarez and his geologist son Walter, the collision was responsible for the formation of a historic layer of iridium-rich clay.


After sinking in 1628, the Swedish warship Vasa was lost for more than three centuries.

Photo Credits: Mental Floss

In 1628, the Swedish warship Vasa sank to the seafloor soon after it departed on its maiden voyage. 333 years later, the ship was discovered and recovered almost entirely intact and is now displayed at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm as the world’s preserved 17th-century ship.

The Unfortunate Sinking

The day that the…

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