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Mother Teresa, A Saint or a Fraud?

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, or Mother Teresa as she is now known throughout the world, was one of the most important Catholic Church figures when she was alive and even posthumously. Someone who Christians and everyone alike admired, she is best known for her work in uplifting poverty and helping the marginalized in the poorest regions of Calcutta, India. Her trophy cabinet is filled with multiple awards that ranged from the Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize to the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, cementing her legacy as someone who worked solely for the welfare of those suffering.

Even today, if her name…

The Sonderkommandos — Gone but Never Forgotten.

World War II is considered by far as the incident that single-handedly changed how modern history was going to unfold after its end in 1945. From the advancements in aerial war machines to the creation of the deadliest weapon in humanity’s history, the atomic bomb, there was one thing that was certain in this great war: despair and destruction.

Perhaps the saddest part about it was the mass genocide of the Jews committed by the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler. …

The fascinating rise and fall of Marguerite Alibert aka Princess Fahmy, a versatile woman who got away with murder

Born on December 9th, 1890, Marguerite Marie Alibert was the eldest daughter of a poor Parisian couple. Since both her parents worked for the elites in Paris, Marguerite grew up with the inclinations of a high-class Parisian lady. With beauty parallel to an Earls’ wife, Marguerite Marie Alibert was becoming a gorgeous, intelligent, and sophisticated woman with a bright future until tragic events unfolded.

At the age of fifteen, Marguerite was held responsible by her parents for her four-year-old little brother’s fatal accident. As punishment, her parents sent her to board with the nearby Sisters of Mary. There, the teenage…

Ten fascinating events that will occur after the Queen’s passing.

The Queen has graced the royal throne with her presence since 1952, the longest reign any British monarch has ever had. She has seen over a dozen UK prime ministers, around 20 summer Olympics, and more than half a dozen popes during her reign. She is the cornerstone of the commonwealth, the caretaker of roughly 600 organizations and charities.

Her death will bring about a massive change in the UK, the waves of which will be felt by the entire world since her long reign means that a lot of political treaties and balances hang on her word. …

One of the most famous conjoined twins in modern history.

Also referred to as Siamese Twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton were conjoined twins born in the early 20th century in England. They were connected at the hip and buttocks. The doctors at the time of their birth said that if they were separated, one or both would die.

If they were born today, I’m sure they would’ve been surgically separated because they were not like most conjoined twins. Both had their own organs and only shared blood circulation.

Daisy and Violet’s mother left them shortly after they were born. The sisters spent their early life being displayed in sideshows. They…

Ed Gein — The man who loved his mother a little too much.

“Murder is not about lust, and it’s not about violence. It’s about possession” — Ted Bundy’s confession to his brutal crimes is our kaleidoscope into the dark psyche of a serial killer. While Bundy remains, to this day, the most sensationalized criminal in American history, there’s one other man who gives a whole new meaning to this crime of possession. This man committed atrocities so abnormal that to deem him just a killer would be an understatement. This is the story of Ed Gein — the butcher of Plainfield.

A Strange Child

Gein was born on Aug 27, 1906, in La Crosse in…

One of the worst serial killers of all time.

Dr. Robert Hare presented his psychopathy checklist widely used to identify people who are considered psychopaths. These people have a grandiose sense of self-worth, are charming, and, most importantly, lack empathy. This set of traits are perfect for the making of serial killers, con men, and high-profile criminals who get a thrill off of their crimes.

One such man was Charles Sobhraj, whose troubled childhood is said to have shaped his sociopathic tendencies and enabled him to commit some very heinous crimes, making him the most wanted man in the world at one point. Sobhraj’s story is equally harrowing as…

The science behind cracking your joints.

At some point in your life, you must have come across the pop sound of a knuckle cracking. You have either done it yourself or have heard other people do it. You either enjoy the feeling of cracking your joints to the point that you are obsessed with it, or you are scared that it would lead to irreparable damage to your bones in the long run.

Sometimes, the scary sound of loud cracks is all that it takes for one to be deterred from it. Or maybe, you are someone like me that gets annoyed by people who crack…

The story of David Hahn, the Radioactive Boy Scout.

Building a nuclear reactor seems like something that can only be done by people who are experts in the field of atomic energy with tons and tons of expertise in the field. So when you hear about a 17-year-old successfully building a reactor in his mom’s backyard, you would think to yourself: that is surely clickbait, right? You would be surprised to learn that David Hahn, the boy scout from Michigan, was no ordinary person.

He mastered the art of chemistry from a young age and took such great interest in it that it could be described as obsessive. Coupled…

What is life like for an Ex-US-President?

After leaving the office with the best resume that America can ever offer, the United State’s ex-Presidents live a life that can be only described as living in a bubble. With strict measures ranging from their travel to their mail, life is not very simple for the former US presidents. With that being said, it is in no way a life anyone would ever detest. Round-the-clock security, a big paycheck every year, and the prestige that comes with the name of the President of millions of people make everything worthwhile. We all are aware of what Presidents do when they…

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