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South America — The Nazi Safe Haven.

Photo Credits: Twitter

After the end of World War 2, one thing was very apparent: the Nazis had to pay for the war crimes that they had committed. The crackdown on the Axis powers and their war crimes through mass trials would eventually come to be known as the Nuremberg Trials. Germans who had committed mass human rights violations and subjected millions of Jews and other minorities to the worst form of oppression were now being held accountable. Most of them were given the death sentence or life imprisonment. …

Mother Teresa, A Saint or a Fraud?

Photo Credits: Swarajya

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, or Mother Teresa as she is now known throughout the world, was one of the most important Catholic Church figures when she was alive and even posthumously. Someone who Christians and everyone alike admired, she is best known for her work in uplifting poverty and helping the marginalized in the poorest regions of Calcutta, India. Her trophy cabinet is filled with multiple awards that ranged from the Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize to the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, cementing her legacy as someone who worked solely for the welfare of those suffering.

Even today, if her name…

The Sonderkommandos — Gone but Never Forgotten.

Photo Credits: Times of Israel

World War II is considered by far as the incident that single-handedly changed how modern history was going to unfold after its end in 1945. From the advancements in aerial war machines to the creation of the deadliest weapon in humanity’s history, the atomic bomb, there was one thing that was certain in this great war: despair and destruction.

Perhaps the saddest part about it was the mass genocide of the Jews committed by the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler. …

The fascinating rise and fall of Marguerite Alibert aka Princess Fahmy, a versatile woman who got away with murder

Source: Cosmopolitan

Born on December 9th, 1890, Marguerite Marie Alibert was the eldest daughter of a poor Parisian couple. Since both her parents worked for the elites in Paris, Marguerite grew up with the inclinations of a high-class Parisian lady. With beauty parallel to an Earls’ wife, Marguerite Marie Alibert was becoming a gorgeous, intelligent, and sophisticated woman with a bright future until tragic events unfolded.

At the age of fifteen, Marguerite was held responsible by her parents for her four-year-old little brother’s fatal accident. As punishment, her parents sent her to board with the nearby Sisters of Mary. There, the teenage…

The fate of Hitler’s property.

Photo Credits: Sputnik News

During the early years of his life, Adolf Hitler lived a mediocre lifestyle and strived to make it as an independent artist. Even after participating in the First World War and becoming an essential member of the newly formed Nazi party, Hitler was relatively unknown and financially unsuccessful. But his popularity amidst political circles quickly increased after the famous 1923 Beer Hall Putsch in Munich.

The Beer Hall Putsch was followed by a failed coup against the then government by Hitler and his Nazi associates. Being unsuccessful in the coup meant that Hitler was sent to jail along with his…

The fascinating story of the 1979 Seige of Mecca.

Photo Credits: BBC

The Group d'intervention de la Gendarmerie (GIGN) of France, despite not being as popular as most other groups of its kind, is one of the oldest professional counterterror units in the world. The group consists of soldiers who have the authority to arrest individuals or groups of individuals suspected of engaging in terrorist acts. One such group of individuals that were targeted by the GIGN was Juhayman al-Otaybi, Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani, and 300–600 of his followers who attempted to capture the Grand Mosque in Mecca in November 1979.

The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group

The Groupe d’intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) is…

Male breasts can produce milk???

Photo Credits: Thought Catalog

The human male body is uniquely fascinating and possesses characteristics that would leave one surprised. The sheer complexity of the male body has meant that scientists are continuously investigating the mysteries of the male body. Whether you are a guy looking to delve deeper into understanding your own body or someone trying to imagine what being a guy is like, these facts about the male body will satisfy your curiosity.

1. Male Breasts Can Produce Milk

Male breasts look pretty different from female breasts and mainly serve no meaningful function. …

Red lipstick: a fashion statement or a political one?

Photo Credits: Bustle

For hundreds of years, red lipstick has been worn by women as a means of expressing themselves, with different shades used to express different meanings ranging from confidence, courage, strength, sensuality, and rebellion.

The first representation of red lipstick dates back to ancient Egyptian times, but even then it was not socially acceptable and most women who wore it were seen as prostitutes, or as being associated with “mysterious, frightening femininity.” As a model, fashion designer, and American vedette Dita Von Teese famously said,

Heels and red lipstick will put the god into people.

History and Symbolic Power

In the early 1900s, several American…

Jeffrey Baldwin was sent to his grandparents due to accusations of abuse on his parents.

Jeffrey Baldwin | Photo Credits: Toronto Star

The most despicable thing in this world is violence against those who can’t protect themselves, especially children. Children develop their perception of the world from their surroundings. They learn the difference between right and wrong from adults, and their lack of experience and mental development makes them vulnerable to manipulation and coercion. I remember many moments in my childhood where I would often believe things blindly, just because my parents or teachers would tell me that those things were right.

The intensity of emotions is also stronger when you are young. Love, hate, fear, sadness, happiness, all of these emotions…

Had these assassination attempts succeeded, they would have changed the history of the world.

Photo Credits: History

Adolf Hitler is perhaps one of the evilest figures in modern human history. In the capacity of the supreme leader of the Nazi government, he exposed millions to unimaginable levels of brutality and committed cruel crimes against humanity. Under his leadership, Nazi Germany propelled the world into the Second World War and orchestrated the Holocaust. World War II and the Holocaust caused unprecedented amounts of death, taking the lives of roughly 400 million people.

Perhaps the bloodshed ushered in by Hitler’s regime could have been avoided if someone had managed to stop him in his tracks and succeeded in killing…

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