"A few years ago, stories appeared in some of the British tabloids that Prince Charles had decided to take the regnal name “King George VII.” This was supposedly because Charles wanted to honor his grandfather, King George VI.

The story has circulated widely since then, and a lot of people are convinced that the decision has been made. I’ve addressed this in some of my other articles, and I always receive replies from people who are quick to to correct me. Some of them swear they saw a formal press release from Clarence House, the Prince’s official London residence. Others insist that Charles himself made a public statement to this effect.

I can tell you for certain there’s been no such announcement from the Prince or his staff about any decision regarding his intentions for a regnal name.

I’m sure Prince Charles was fond of his grandfather, but he was only three years old when the King died in February, 1952. I doubt that Charles would make such an important decision based on hazy recollections from when he was a toddler. Besides, the King’s real first name was Albert, and his family always called him “Bertie.” The whole idea sounds like something cooked up to sell newspapers.

Prince Charles’ full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, and he can choose any of these names to reign under. He isn’t close to his father, and there’s never been a King Philip in England or the UK, so that name wouldn’t be a strong contender."

Freelance Writer. History Fanatic. Contact: https://heylink.me/sal_ali/

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