Hitler’s 10 Powerful Quotes About World War II (With Context)

His speeches played an important role in influencing masses in Germany.

6 min readMay 7, 2022

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Adolf Hitler was known for his enthusiastic speech style. He influenced the German masses through his ideology. Two days after being appointed the chancellor in 1933, Hitler spoke on the radio for the first time.

Hitler’s sensational speeches were broadcasted on radios and public loudspeakers. His speeches were continuously reinforced until the ideas were indoctrinated in people’s minds.

Hitler knew the importance of ideas, and he aimed to manipulate this knowledge to his benefit. His propaganda took many forms, including burning books and newspapers, forcing newspapers to shut down, and using movies and radio shows.

1. On Eagerness to Begin the War

“I am now fifty. I would rather have the war now than when I am fifty-five or sixty.”

These were Hitler’s words to the Romanian foreign minister in the Spring of 1939. It was the same year when Germany invaded Poland. At this time, the “Jewish question” became an urgent proposition.

Hitler was convinced that he would die early due to some disease like his parents from a young age. Hitler’s father suddenly collapsed due to a lung hemorrhage when Hitler was a boy. His mother passed away after battling cancer when Hitler was a teenager.

In these circumstances, Hitler wanted to wage war as soon as possible so that he could partake actively. Hitler was eager to attain world domination. He knew this meant that he would eventually have to confront the United States. Before a conflict with the United States, he wanted first to take over Europe and Russia.

2. Hitler’s Hatred Against Jewish Capitalism

“We shall only talk of peace when we have won the war. The Jewish capitalist world will not survive the twentieth century.”

Hitler said this during a radio broadcast aired on 31 December 1939. Hitler greatly despised the idea of international capitalism. His hatred for capitalism was a key driver in his atrocities against Jews.


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