The Unbelievably Luxurious Travels of the Saudi King

500 limos, 500+ tonnes of luggage, 1500 people, gold-plated furniture, and much more.

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Most presidents and heads of states are seen as the most powerful people of their respective countries. And with power and responsibility also comes some perks, especially when these people are going around the world and meeting other important figures. For example, the United States President has his own entourage, high-end security that involves top-tier intelligence agents alongside the special Air Force One airplane which he uses for his travels. To the average person, it seems that these heads of state are spending a lot of taxpayer money for the luxurious ways in which they travel. However, there is one man who makes these same heads of state look just like ordinary citizens: the King of Saudi Arabia — King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

One of the most powerful men in the world, King Salman, alongside his family, sits at his throne with a whopping trillion dollars in wealth, which he also uses for his extravagant travels wherever he goes. From high-end aircraft that can rival 5-star hotels to thousands of his own people who travel with the King as his entourage, it is safe to say that the monarch values a lavish lifestyle and comfort more than everything else.

King Salman’s Mind-Blowing Fleet of Aircrafts

Perhaps the most important part of King Salmans travels is his luxurious fleet of aircraft. The King’s primary aircraft, which was seen in its full glory during his nine-day visit to Indonesia in 2017, is the Boeing 747. The passenger class of this plane could easily seat 600 people, making it one of the world’s largest airplanes. For the King, it is his palace in the skies. It features an extravagant interior design with expensive leather seats for the highest comfort, conference rooms, staterooms, and bathrooms with fully equipped showers. The entire aircraft is designed to be the epitome of comfort to give the King a feeling of home throughout his journey. During his visit to Indonesia, many airplanes accompanied the King (including a military transport aircraft!), the sole purpose of which was to serve as transportation for the King’s luggage! Even his luggage travels first class.

Luggage and Entourage

Speaking of the aircraft that tug along the King’s luggage to wherever he goes, during the same trip to Indonesia in 2017, his entourage carried over 500 tonnes of luggage which required a whopping seven entire airplanes to be fully able to transport it. During one of his trips to Moscow, when he was set to meet Vladimir Putin for the first time, King Salman took almost 1000 kilograms of food with him. Aside from this, he also carried with him his own gold-plated furniture, which reportedly would replace the ‘ordinary’ furniture at places he decided to live.

When there is this much luggage, one must assume that there must be an equally large number of people needed to manage its logistics and safely carry it wherever the King travels. This is, in fact, very true, as the King’s entourage consisted of 1500 people when he visited Indonesia. This number is so great that it took 36 flights to only take them from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, where they awaited King Salman’s arrival. To allow for the safe and secure handling of cargo, usually around 500 men coordinate with each other and ensure that everything is in order. The King also prefers his own chefs and takes over 100 personal chefs wherever he goes, so every meal prepared is precisely how he prefers it.

King Salman Is A Notch Above Five-Star Hotels

After reaching his destination, the King prefers traveling in high-end vehicles, including his personal favorite, the Mercedes Benz S600. On his visit to Japan, a fleet of 500 limousines accompanied him, delivered specially to him from all over the country. King Salman is then taken to his retreat of choice, which usually includes the most expensive and high-end hotels in the country that he is visiting. In his Moscow visit, he completely booked two entire hotels for his stay. The people who already had their bookings, or were living inside the hotels were practically thrown out as the hotel staff vacated their rooms for the Saudi monarch. These living arrangements cost King Salman an unbelievable $3 million just for a few days.

During one of his visits to the United States, the King rented out the famous Four Seasons hotel in Washington DC. However, the hotel’s furniture was apparently not good enough for the King, and the entire hotel was redecorated per his taste. The King’s personal hotel staff changed the furniture, which was then covered in gold, and all the floors of the hotel were carpeted in red (including the parking lot!).

Final Thoughts

The grandeur of the King’s travels is a testament to the seemingly never-ending wealth which he has amassed. Over the course of years, many have criticized the royal family for traveling so lavishly while neighboring countries like Yemen suffer immensely from war, famine, and disease. Despite this, it seems unlikely that the Royal family of Saudi Arabia will stop indulging in their extravagant lifestyle; one can only expect it to get even more luxurious in the times to come.

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